Overview of Energy Planning in Indonesia

April 23, 2010 pukul 1:40 pm | Ditulis dalam Technical Note | 1 Komentar

Abubakar Lubis and Agus Sugiyono, Overview of Energy Planning in Indonesia, Presented at Technical Committe Meeting to Assess and Compare the Potential Rule of Nuclear Power and Other Options in Allevating Health and Environmental Impacts from Electricity Generation, IAEA, Vienna 14 – 16 October 1996.

The energy sector is one of the most importance sub-sectors in Indonesia because it has been a major source of technological development. The energy resources should be utilize as much as possible for sustain Indonesia future energy supply. Energy planning and modeling activities has been done by some institutions for this purpose. The target of energy development in Indonesia also taken into consideration the relation among energy, economy and environment. The energy demand in Indonesia is estimated will increase from 536.7 million BOE/y in Pelita VI to 1858.6 million BOE/y in Pelita XI. In the near future the most of the final energy consumption is estimated will be from of electricity. With the CO2 emission constraint on the planning, the future development of power plant will be dominated by coal power plant but accompanied by gas turbine. Nuclear power plant chosen with 5 % share of the total capacity in Pelita VIII.


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  1. Pretty nice post. Thank you so much!

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