Peluang Konservasi Energi di Industri Tekstil

April 23, 2010 pukul 2:04 pm | Ditulis dalam Technical Note | 2 Komentar

Agus Sugiyono dan Bhayu Arieshanty, Peluang Konservasi Energi di Industri Tekstil, Laporan Teknis, 2006.

Energy has an important role to drive the economic growth in Indonesia. Energy resource should be exploited to meet the demand. However, fossil energy resource is limited, especially oil, therefore it’s important to utilize the energy resource optimally. In order to optimize utilization of energy, government of Indonesia has published energy policy covering energy diversification, energy intensification, energy conservation, energy pricing, and reducing environment impact from energy utilization. Textile industry is one of a potential industry to apply energy conservation program. These studies analyze the energy conservation opportunities in the textile industry with PT Grandtex as a case study. Result of analysis indicate that technically there are two alternatives to apply energy conservation program, i.e. re-use waste heat from diesel power plant and use a gas turbine cogeneration system. This alternatives needs to study further in term of cost-effectively before it’s applied.

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