Arah Pengembangan Sektor Transportasi Darat dalam Kerangka Penerapan Mekanisme Pembangunan Bersih

April 29, 2010 pukul 2:03 pm | Ditulis dalam Paper | Tinggalkan komentar

Agus Sugiyono, Arah Pengembangan Sektor Transportasi Darat dalam Kerangka Penerapan Mekanisme Pembangunan Bersih, Majalah Ilmiah Pengkajian Industri, Vol.II, No.2, hal.188-195, ISSN 1410-3680, BPPT, Jakarta, 2008.

Land transportation sector is an energy consuming sector that uses more energy consumption compare to energy consumption in other sectors. The demand of energy has been dominated by use of oil fuels such as gasoline and diesel as a fossil fuel that the utilization of this energy will emit greenhouse gas (GHG). The demand of the oil fuels has been projected will increase in the next long period. GHG emission from the oil fuels could be decreased through energy substitution or transportation mode change. The emission reduction have opportunity to create a project in form of clean development mechanism (CDM). This mechanism will be expected can help the developing countries to get financing from developed countries (obliged to reduce the GHG emission) that will apply sustainable development. One of the options which has potential as a CDM project is development of mass transportation using bus. Transportation in Indonesia has been predicted still dominated using personal car and motorcycle therefore it is possible to adopt this kind of project.


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