Hydrocarb untuk Biomas dan Bahan Bakar Fosil

April 29, 2010 pukul 9:53 am | Ditulis dalam Paper | Tinggalkan komentar

Agus Sugiyono, Proses Hydrocarb untuk Biomas dan Bahan Bakar Fosil, INNERTAP- Indonesia, DJLPE, September 1995.

Hydrocarb process is one of the process to covert biomass to be a commercial energy. The advantage of the process is: first, fuel output could be substitute for oil fuel; second, free from ash, sulfur, and nitrogen so that environmental impact could be minimize; third, prospective to make methanol with low CO2 emission.


If you feel that this paper is valuable for you, please give donation to:
Agus Sugiyono
Bank Bukopin – Kebayoran Baru Branch
Jl. R.S. Fatmawati No. 7, Jakarta, INDONESIA
Account No. 070-100-7743
Bank Code: 441
It will support our future research. Thank you very much.

<Download full paper>


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