Pemanfaatan Biofuel dalam Penyediaan Energi Nasional Jangka Panjang

April 29, 2010 pukul 1:42 pm | Ditulis dalam Paper | Tinggalkan komentar

Agus Sugiyono, Pemanfaatan Biofuel dalam Penyediaan Energi Nasional Jangka Panjang, Prosiding Teknologi untuk Negeri, Volume I: Bidang Teknologi Energi, hal. 78-86, ISSN 1411-9927, BPPT, Jakarta, 22 Desember 2005.

Demand of petroleum products in transport sector is continuously increasing. Meanwhile, the Indonesian oil resources and the installed capacity of the oil refineries are not sufficient to fulfill domestic demand. Therefore, we have to find an alternative fuel to substitute the petroleum based fuel products. Bio-fuel, such as bio-diesel or bio-ethanol, can be an option. It can be developed to support the long run national energy supply. This paper discuss an opportunity of utilizing bio-diesel as an alternative fuel for diesel engines and bio-ethanol for gasoline engines in transport sector. At the crude oil price of 40 US$/barrel, transport technologies fueled by diesel oil and gasoline are still more economically competitive compared with bio-diesel or bio-ethanol. But, when the crude oil price is above 55 US$/barrel, bio-diesel and bio-ethanol will be used as petroleum base fuel products substitution. In addition, the gas based transport technology also gain its competitiveness.


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