Penanggulangan Pemanasan Global di Sektor Pengguna Energi

April 29, 2010 pukul 1:56 pm | Ditulis dalam Paper | Tinggalkan komentar

Agus Sugiyono, Penanggulangan Pemanasan Global di Sektor Pengguna Energi, Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi Modifikasi Cuaca, Vol. 7, No. 2, Desember 2006, hal. 15-19, ISSN 1411-4887, TPSA-BPPT.

Global climate change faces a serious challenge in the 21-th century. Climate change is one of impacts of the global warming as a result of the greenhouse effect due to an increase on concentration of greenhouse gases. Most of the increasing of greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere is caused by an increase on production and utilization of fossil energy. CO2 is the main contributor of the global warming which reaches more than 60% from the total of greenhouse gases.
Conference of the Party (COP) has been conducted every year to solve the global warming problems. COP 3 that held at Kyoto in 1997 declared the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol introduces three financing mechanism which can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emission, i.e.: Joint Implementation, Clean Development Mechanism and Emission Trading. Utilization of renewable energy and energy conservation represent as the mitigation option in energy sector to reduce greenhouse gas emission.


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