Penggunaan Energi di Industri Pulp dan Kertas: Aspek Teknologi dan Lingkungan

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Agus Sugiyono, Penggunaan Energi di Industri Pulp dan Kertas: Aspek Teknologi dan Lingkungan, Prosiding Seminar Teknologi Pulp dan Kertas, Balai Besar Pulp dan Kertas, hal.118-126, ISBN 978-979-95271-7-2, Bandung, 18 November 2009.


The industrial sector is the largest consumer of commercial final energy in Indonesia today. Final energy consumption in industrial sector achieve 33% of the total national energy consumption or reached 300 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) in the year 2007. Of this amount approximately 6.5% or about 19 million BOE is used for pulp and paper industry. Characteristics of energy technologies that are used for pulp and paper industry depends on the type of process used. Outlined of process in this industry is divided into four groups, i.e: chemical and thermochemistry pulping, mechanical pulping, paper production, paper recycling. Each process requires a certain energy that can use fuels such as coal, oil, gas and electricity. Fuel is mainly used for steam generation. While the main use of electricity in this sector are electric motors. In line with the concept of sustainable development in the future will need to promote the use of technology that more energy efficient and environmental friendly. Cogeneration technology that generate steam and electricity simultaneously is an energy-efficient technologies that should be taken into account. Besides of renewable energy utilization such as biofuels and biomass waste, also needs to be promoted through an appropriate energy policies. In this paper will discuss each of the process of energy use in pulp and paper industry both from the aspects of technology and related to the sustainable development.


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