Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Masyarakat – Pengembangan Desa Mandiri Energi – Lampung Selatan

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Agus Sugiyono, Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Masyarakat Melalui Pengembangan Desa Mandiri Energi di Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, Jurnal Quality, Vol. II, No. 08, hal. 50-58, ISSN 2087-0000, Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama), Oktober 2012, Jakarta.


Geographical condition of Indonesia that has many small islands and many of them are in rural remote areas, therefore the energy development is not possible through all of the power grid of state electricity company (PT PLN). One of the alternatives for rural electrification is to utilize the local energy potency through the development of the energy independent village (EIV) South Lampung Regency has energy potency for the development of EIV program with considering that there are still many villages that not yet electrified, energy demand will increase, and has renewable energy sources. Energy demand in South Lampung Regency is expected to increase in average of 3.6% per year, from 2028.6 thousand barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) by 2010 and increased to 3445.7 thousand BOE by 2025. Result of the villages survey showed that there are the variety of energy potency to develop EIV, therefore need carefully analysis to select the appropriate type of energy resources and technologies. Result of the energy planning shows that there are 3 potential villages as EIV in South Lampung Regency. The three villages are Tajimalela Village (Kalianda District) that utilize solar home system, Sidomukti Village (Tanjungsari District) that utilize biogas technology, and Jondong Village (Kalianda District) that utilize micro-hydro power. The economic calculation of each option then disseminated to local governments and communities to create the implementation program that could help improve the economic empowering of the communities.


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